Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sweetly wierd and charmingly strange,
nowadays, you're all that I wish in my range
Where I can see you, touch you, speak to you
None of the lies, but all that is true
The moonlight is now soothing,
it is complete of your thoughts alluring
I want to feel this moonlight each night
I want you with me now, with you is my delight

I cannot contemplate what this is exactly
But I wish to analyze this more than justly
In these nights as I try and understand these ties,
I never fail to see you now in the fireflies

If a greater alliance holds our future, I am not sure,
feelings which are pure, seperation not to endure
Because when we are situate in one place,
I just cannot help myself from feeling the solace.

I shall always be there with you and nothing is barred,
Until the sea rises, or till the earth is charred
Not much I believe should be left to contemplate,
Each day we can, we shall this sentiment celebrate

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