Friday, May 7, 2010

My Sunrise

As I see my path getting narrow,
you enter in my heart forever
Only you within; yesterday, today and tomorrow
Deep inside I can let go of you never

I do not hurt now that we are away,
because you are always within me
I will always love you anyway;
I wonder how you cannot believe

I set you free now to your course
I’ll always love you through the years
Our next life will be our source,
of everlasting love without any tears

How can I give up loving you?
Every moment I breathe your name
I realize now my love is only true;
You are my inextinguishable flame

All I do now is wait for my sweet demise
With each passing second, closer is my sunrise
Days and nights I now wait, in a new life
When together we shall be man and wife

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