Thursday, February 18, 2010


Lonely, battered, bruised and broken
From words unspoken and spoken
From feelings which so soon were lost
From evaporated emotions which were etched and embossed

I am waiting, though I know there is no sense in it anymore
All I can now see a heart which your absence tore
Though I have been through this feeling before
But this time I have run out of hopes in store

Everything seems so normal to you
My heart is the only one which can’t see this time through
You are so happy to be away from me
But I cannot be joyful even at a material degree

Though I always want to see you happy,
and from my heart always still want so,
but why do I still feel crippled,
when this feeling similar to envy flows

I am sure of one thing, that I'm lonely
how else can I explain I miss you so much,
you said you would always be there like a pleasant feeling,
But now you have gone away...deceiving.

Since you left, nothing seems alright,
Seems like a burden, everything...what people call life.
I can’t hold onto myself anymore,
I can’t hold onto anything to be sure.

Survival is an instinct, which I surely had,
before I realized I was in love..Before I realized you,
But since you left, the instincts changed
It just missing your love, which leaves me so mad and deranged.

I don't want to feel the pain anymore,
I want the worst to be over now
But since you left my heart is sore,
looming over my dead soul – and dead it shall be furthermore.

I look at your photograph each moment
To my eyes it’s more than a torment
Shadows and witches grieve in all art,
and the sorrows within me just never seem to depart.

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