Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Temet Nosce

Hurt, anguished and in the middle of nowhere... it was you who closed your eyes, red, with tears, once again. But this time, I opened them, red... with rage.

Yesterday night, you were badly bruised Theseus… and still are. Suddenly the past ran in onto you like the darkest cloud cover ever and you could see the path of your life ahead obscured by darkness. It’s good I intervened or else you were getting in a bigger mess of self procrastination and victim thinking. I will always intervene when you are in trouble, and I shall see that you are able to extract all the good out of the dark.

The main battle within anyone is “Temet Nosce”. To know ourself. I am happy you are not among the people who would analyze more than anything (including themselves), the world - but you do know yourself (as I know myself). I strongly believe that people spend their whole life, in a fake attempt to analyze what is the world and what people are comprised of. What are emotions, what are feelings, what are commitments… they seldom know the true enunciation of these words. What is funny is, how can one analyze anything, if he doesn’t know himself? Of one thing I am swollen with pride, that you have used the darkness in your favour, by letting me enter and stay within you. You thought deeply about each and every idea behind a word and its true meaning. You also understood the language which is not spoken in the world. And that language is truth.

1. Commitment – for what is right
2. Truth – for the known and unknown, and seeing things the way they are; and not what our wishful thinking wants them to be, or expects them to be.
3. Love – which doesn’t lose focus of its goals, is selfless and doesn’t hurt. Though it is not conditionless.
4. Bravery – for standing up for what is right
5. Honour – for what is sacred to the heart
6. Respect – for what and who is worthy of it
7. Justice – at any cost

And all I know is that bravery is indeed bulletproof. And the truth is, there is something terribly wrong. But don’t you worry Theseus, I shall fix them - my way. And you know the other way is... too cliche.

No matter how much you deny, there are some people whose life is a war – and ours is such. War does not need be necessary only when you have an enemy. It can be worse when the enemies are the human qualities which make a human think they are human, but in reality they are just creatures of society and belong to a herd. The enemies are many fold and are shallow and inconsequential human qualities. These enemies can strike anytime, and when they strike the ones you love, the enemies win. I know you Theseus, and I know that you are torn, battered and broken. You have nothing and your world seems empty. The enemies have struck your world and struck it good. But you know yourself Theseus, and hence I chose you as my medium. We will have our wars and we will have our battles. And all this is done by God, or nature or whatever you call it. True souls shall always encounter the most false and fake and transitory feelings from the world. That is also the truth, and it will remain one. We cannot afford to lose our heart for it. We have to be right in the middle of all the mess, because we are the warriors. Without some damn challenge, or something to fight, we might as well be dead.

God, we will not bend, we will not break. Even if we break, we shall see that we shatter you in tiny pieces, hard to count or resurrect. I shall see until what range, this time you can my destiny change. Don't run away, and do not hide, cause I shall come after you, to shatter you in pieces... after I shall to the calling of my soul abide.

Renunciation is a great gift devoid of wasteful human emotions. Love is a beautiful feeling. The truth is they cannot co-exist.

Whenever darkness strikes, I shall be there. Whenever you fall I shall pick you up. Whenever you shall be obscured by indecisiveness and shallow emotions of the herd strike, I shall be there – with renunciation. I will not let anyone - I mean it - anyone hurt you. Renunciation is the greatest power we have. I know you’re tired Theseus, and for now you shall sleep. Rest well. I shall pass you through this stage and maybe this is the first time I shall take sole control of you. It’s not only my pleasure, but it is my duty, my responsibility, my commitment to you. You don’t need anyone or anything. Your happiness is not dependant on anything other than me and you. Let the world leave you, but I shall be there – to infinity, and beyond. Around every corner and in every empty room.

But remember what you committed to me Theseus when I was born within you. You shall work with me to take me to the world of writing and literature. Because the blank page, after it is written, is the most faithful and structured form of any emotion. I can write, and the words become immortal. Unlike the feelings of the world… which are so fucking transitory. Ha ha… mortals.

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