Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A faceless mask

Thou art blind,
and never can you see,
that you are the cause and more intertwined,
for all this anger within me.

Its night and only the nocturnal are wakeful,
sleeping denotes to be a symbolism of ignorance
With unjustified thinking I can never be playful
I can only place a flower on the grave of your temperance

It was you, who told me love was selfless,
It was you, who told me love was caring,
Why would you want this change relentless?
and want to end this soul, which is daring

You covet my soul and spirit to die a lifeless death,
And devoid of reason, to scorn myself and seize rash emotions
The moments which used to take away my breath,
are now filled with the world’s ruthless notions

My true self I almost have lost in fulfilling
a life which is so empty, so baseless
Your love is the only hope, but now within me it’s killing
every emotion which by wearing a mask becomes faceless

In these nights with mixed emotions it is me, who is awake,
the days seem satisfying and at the same time, a burden
A fear of another day, another death of emotion, at dawn’s break
No fear however, of any death that may be sudden

Living everyday with a meaningless goal
I wish sometimes I become an effigy of a counterfeit creature,
For they are the ones that are blissful, with a grimy soul
My heart has to die with ashes of an earnest feature

Words are my liberation and words are my unsurpassed reality,
I do not wish to change anyone, and have my own mentality
I only wish for someone to understand what I am,
but creatures wish to make me belong to a dim-witted clan

All can capture my mind, and some can alter my perception by an invisible force
They wish to challenge my philosophy, and my hunger for truth
Trap me, if you dare, in this false sensation of following a corridor which is unfounded and coarse
I will slowly breathe my last due to your ignorance, contained by my youth

I refuse to give into this feeling of emptiness and sham,
I shall see how you can stop my imaginings from your mind’s dense and selfish scam
If I change my facade conduct, do not triumph you assume
Deep inside, I can never die, no matter how much you flame and fume

Verbiage now remains my only form of expression,
free from the thoughts and a mortal mind’s prison
What seems normal and indulgence to people,
to me is like drudgery based on an unintelligent principle

If you think your ways are true, I would prefer to be wrong
For you I may be a creep, or insane
I shall forever within my heart sing this song,
even if on a guillotine I may be slain

Thou art blind,
and never can you see,
that you are the cause and more intertwined,
for all this anger within me.

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