Friday, February 12, 2010

Shiva - The Destroyer

A snake around his neck, powerful, strong and a third eye. I do not know what you are Lord Shiva, but I certainly know that your form of being is the one which is the most essential. You are the destroyer of everything that is bad. You are beyond the power of death and poison.
What I would refer to as death is death of the good soul. Poison are the weak human qualities. You represent total absence of being touched with the presence of these negative forces.
You are seated on a tiger skin, the tiger representing the mind. It is a dormant tiger - cool and calm by nature - the recital of the serene 'OM'. But at the same time, it has the strength and capacity to turn violent and protect the good from being diminished and also killing what is bad - including bad habits - and inherent human flaws.
All I know is, I am unsure whether I can call you a God, and I do not wish to call you that. You are something more than that. You must reside in the hearts and mind of good men, so they are able to do what is right and eliminate what is evil.
This day - and forever, Marcus bows down to you. Transfer some of your vast store of energies onto me, and I shall try and keep alive the human idea - which is somewhat absent in the present world.
I also wish from you the power of your third eye - to see what is right, and to destroy what is wrong - with my own will and might.

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