Thursday, February 11, 2010

Wasteful Words...

I have already stated in my previous post that I am nothing but an idea, and right now working through a medium. I read something in the morning and it triggered a lot of thoughts inside me. I felt I needed to tell you this.
There are people I encounter who love reading... and they know what to extract out of it. I know of people who read, and then are in awe of the writer, and take the words on face value and try and implement it in their life.

I write, yes, but I do not write anything which comes, in Indian parlance, in the 'gyaan' category. I simply write and expect people to read it and extract what they can out of it. If a reader can relate to what I am writing, I would encourage the reader to do so only if it falls within his or her value or belief system. I wouldn't respect a reader who takes on face value whatever I write, because that is not my intention. My intention is merely to express, from my experiences and beliefs. My intention is not to control anyone, but merely myself – and improve that control. I follow the principle of ‘Temet Nosce’ and it is so amazing to see people's reaction and how they try to temporarily change their lives, their values or what they feel, based upon what a writer has written. If people follow the belief system of ‘Temet Nosce’, no amount of flowery words a writer has written should have any negative effect on your life – which shouldn’t have been the case, because you know what you exactly are. Yes, you can take the good out of the writing – which falls comfortably within your realms of belief – howsoever little it may be.

People, a writer is a person like you – a mortal, a human. He has written something based on his experience, and yours can be different. If a writer writes something that falls in your line of thought, or is inspiring you to feel in a certain way, please do not blindly follow it. Use your common sense and gauge every situation in your life separately. At the same time, if at all anything that the writer has written something to which you do not agree to – you have the full right not to agree. But it does not mean you will bash up the writer in your mind. Come on, he has written something based on his thinking, and if you don’t like it, don’t read the damn thing further. All I am saying in short is, follow your heart and not the writer’s. Be enthralled by his stories, and day dream for all I care – that’s great. But do not change your line of thought pattern merely because you were mesmerized by words.

I can give you countless examples where people have read something, and followed it – or kept the damn words as enunciation of truth at the back of their minds - and suffered. In health, in relationships and in so many other aspects – which would have been avoided if merely they would know themselves. Because the point is, if you know yourself, you can judge better. You can look at YOUR life around you, with regards to family and ones you love and make a conrete and stable decision. Or else, what you will be - is just another goat in the herd, or another flip-flopping rabbit - changing your thought patterns everyday - from positive, to negative, to being neutral. As I already said, indeciveness may be one of the reasons for the inconsistencies in this world.

There are writers who had written management books, and big time positive thinking books. But they were the ones who couldn’t follow their own thinking – and some even committed suicide. I don’t wish to name any of them.

What I declare here is, I am no guru. I don’t claim whatever I write, to be right for you.

So feel free to leave your comments, because in any person, there is a sub-consciousness which is powerful, that if we realize its true potential, we can not only achieve great things, but also have the positive impact on people and receive more positive reactions, which are a catalyst for a better family life. But we do not strive to think for us. Because the conscious is so polluted by society, we merely keep our internal voices calm and adjust to the ‘worldly ways’.

So, leave your comments. Let me know what you think. What ticks your world, your time. And if you need to discuss something, I would be more than happy to discuss the questions in here. But, just one request. Think for yourself. Not depending entirely on what anyone else has thought, said or wrote – unless the thought, speech, expression or words have swept you off your feet and make a genuinely positive impact on your life – and you can foresee a future which is devoid of all negative aspects which you want to – within you – avoid.

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  1. To a large extent what this article depicts is perfectly logical. One can read many things...but cannot blindly implement things as situations may vary and differ.
    Yet one can learn from the experiences of others..though it can never be an apple to apple comparison.

    Well Written