Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Why sleep?

The repurcussion of a bad reality maybe somewhat diluted by the fake effect of a rare good dream...only if you get sleep. - Marcus Hades.

Though a bit sleepy, as I was awake in the night at 1:30 AM, I was wondering why sleep is so important. Maybe because mortals think so many unnecessary things while being conscious, that nature wanted to prevent all from turning insane with all thoughts which are futile, going on in our mind - continuously. Well, the only issue being that mortals while even conscious, think so many things which are futile (Theseus, apologies, but you also maybe would become a victim of this - but thankfully, you gained quite some wisdom right on time). We all are victims of all the feeble thinking which prevents us from realising and understanding what actions are we supposed to execute from our thoughts. The challenge is to understand what we think, and then trash out the wrong kind of thoughts. Someone once said that thoughts are things, and you become what you think about most of the time. In this view, we must be very aware of our thoughts, and judge them without linking any past experiences, ego, attitude or grudge.

This is one of the essentials of the principles of 'Temet Nosce'. Independence in thought leads to the independence of the mind. That in turn leads to independence of emotions and feelings, and thus the independence of the soul. After all, whoever we live with our entire or any part of our lives, our souls are alone, realistically. Even in love, intertwining of souls is figurative, practically speaking.

Though I do not want to take away the emotions of souls who love each other so much, that they feel their souls are one. Practicality is also an addiction, but I am not totally devoid of feelings and beautiful thoughts about love. As I believe in extremism, I know of only two feelings - extreme love and extreme aggression. As per today, Theseus is still sleeping and in deep slumber, but as he is, he is persistent with his thoughts, and that even surprises me...

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