Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The cause and the cure...

I wonder if you remember our first special kiss
The one that melted our beautiful souls intertwined.
Why don’t you long for that kiss to happen again?
I close my eyes, and always picture that moment in time.

You said “I’m yours forever”, and I cannot like you forget,
All those times, and there was nothing in life to regret
As I have from the start, I will love you forever,
At anyone else I cannot now even look, and never

As the leaves tapped down on my window softly,
With you, the sun shone on my soul brightly,
Nature and this world seemed so very pleasant and polite,
Your love etched my soul pleasantly, and all my days and nights

But now it seems everything was just a good dream,
You have left me now, and every night it makes me scream,
Looks like the devil now resides within me,
Why did you change, why cannot the truth of my love you can now see

My tears I shed all over my shoulder, not yours.
In your absence, life feels like on my chest is a boulder
I believed you would never leave me, and you’re the only one I could ever trust,
But now you let this faith in me, with a lot of pain rot and rust

When I see you, my soul still lights up with aspiration, and hope
But the shade of your love has turned into a noose made of rope
You say you are with me, and to speak to you I always lure
But I know within, the cause can never be the cure

I love your warm smile still, and still remember your kind, thoughtful way,
I also remember and miss the joy that you brought to my life every day.
My love always coincided with this trust that you will not seperate us,
And now broken silence is all, there is nothing to talk or discuss

As I start on my already ended journey now, without you, clueless,
I don’t know where to take myself, or what to do.
I wish like you, I could just make this decision, justify and progress
But your presence is now engraved in me, and I just cannot see myself through

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