Wednesday, March 17, 2010

She saw me...

One of my short stories...

I saw her once again. She was standing right at the same place she does– her garden which extends to her room. Her golden hair and white skin shone brightly in the setting sunlight, as she was drying her hair. The lilies and the roses made the small place looked splendid and her presence was completing it, making it look like a well placed bouquet. She is like a flower – only better. As she bent over and was watering the plants, I feel some regret - yet again – because the way her hair fell over to touch the ground and slightly sweep it. I wanted to hold her hair, and get lost in the thick dark cloud of it. I have been seeing her every day since the past two weeks now, but somehow it seems she doesn’t notice me. I have tried and waved out to her many times, but she just doesn’t see me. Maybe it is the distance – but then again – it is not that great a one. Over that distance I could read her thoughts, as I can read everyone’s since the past few days. Her thoughts were – uncorrupted. I kind of girl whom I would want to marry and get old with.

She spoke on the phone endlessly as the minutes of the early evening passed away as quickly as seconds – and I looked at her all the while. An example of the theory of relativity. Her smile, though scarce, was like an oasis in a desert. She seemed happy, and sad at the same time. It seems like she was speaking to a friend – a close one. She went back in her room and closed the curtains. One more day, and she didn’t see me. I waited.

The next morning – pretty early – I saw her. After a moment, she looked at me. I felt a little awkward. It seemed to me that she could see me all this while, and was ignoring me on purpose. She looked as hard and blinked as if she was going to show me the middle finger – as a gesture to not stare at her. I still waved, to act normal. And to my surprise, she waved back.

She was wearing black, and I suggested through my actions that she didn’t look that great in it. She went inside and got out two midi’s for my view. One was red, another was blue. I pointed out the blue one. She went in, wore it, and came out and turned around – and smiled with raised eyebrows asking me a question. I made a circle with my thumb and forefinger and the others up in the air. She smiled even more, and through her lip sync, I could make out that she said ‘Thanks’. She looked back suddenly – seemed like someone called her – and waved to me in a hurry and went right inside. I didn’t see her the whole remainder of the day.

The next morning, she came again, at the same precise time. I was there as usual, and she was the one to smile and wave at me first. She looked a little different today, as her hair was done up, and her skin was spotless. I was preventing myself from not staring at her. She once again got a call, and she waved and was again talking endlessly. This time, the smiles were showering even more. I was happy to just see her that way.

I went in and wandered around that empty place with nothing to do. No job, no one around me, no entertainment – no life. I was waiting for Michael. But he didn’t come as yet, I wonder why. I have not occupying this place always. I came to this place just two weeks back. The moment I came, I didn’t see her, since it was night. Even if I could, I wouldn’t, because I was over consumed by the fury and the shattering feeling of a broken heart.

The next morning, I didn’t see her at all. I could not see any movement through the day, the evening sun set, it got darker, and the night approached the city. An hour and a half before midnight, the lights to her room lit. She came out dressed in the most exquisite dresses I have seen on her. She looked like a doll. Instead of waving, she showed me her hand, her palm facing towards her. I could not understand for a minute – but then – I saw it. A diamond ring on her finger. She had been engaged to someone. Even if I felt dreadful about it, there is nothing much I could do – or could I?

Days went by and Michael came across a couple of times, and I somehow evaded him. I saw her each day and felt more and more magnetized. I couldn’t help but feel miserable. I wanted her somehow.

Today was the day of her marriage – I could tell by the number of cars parked near her residence and the people who swarmed her place.

I was not invited, but nonetheless reached the venue of her marriage following the car in which she was travelling. Jane weds Jonathan was clearly written on a huge standup lavender colored placard at the entrance of the venue. I saw Jonathan in the men’s room. Handsome fella. And his thoughts were clean - committed.

The wedding rituals were over and done with, and the couple was bid goodbye in the traditional way with a ‘Just Married’ sign on their car. They reached the venue for their first night, the Grande Salsa hotel.

After they dressed in their more comfortable clothing, Jonathan went to visit the washroom. I was there already and he didn’t see me. Of course, all these days no one could; save for Jane. I entered him quite easily as his body and mind didn’t resist. I walked out. I came close to Jane, and kissed her. I kept looking at her as she lied down and weary of the marriage, she went off to sleep. I kept looking at her all night long, and ran my fingers on her cheeks a thousand times.

Michael – the angel of death - found me finally, in the morning. But the whole night made the sin worthwhile. Jane – I shall truly miss you. I wish I hadn’t thrown myself off that balcony on that night when I came to that empty apartment. I wish I would have just waited until morning.

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  1. well written, short - but a little upsetting. though u r good at this kind of writing.