Monday, March 22, 2010

Future, choice and ignorance

If you think you have the means of looking into the future and choose to look into it, you may be confused if the future will be what you decide it to be and by sticking to your present path, can you alter your future the way it appears. Choosing not to look into the future would seem a right choice sometimes, if it seems to you that you cannot change the future anyways, or only you can choose what your future can be. If you chose to look into the future, and because of that, you change the present, the risk is that your future may not be what you actually could choose it to be had you not seen it, and that changes everything you could choose in the present, and in turn everything in the future changes, because you chose to look at it.

Though, be very careful about what you choose to care about in the present because what needs to be cared about may be ignored by you, and what needs to be ignored may be cared by you. So, the things which need to be cared about become meaningless for the present but may be important to be chosen to be cared about for the future as you want it to be, and maybe until you choose to care about them, it may be too late and your life may be devoid of any meaning whatsoever.


  1. Choice, free will, destiny...wot actually seems to be in our hands...i wonder whether is it actually in our hands? Isn't it a sum total of several present factors and some past factors and situations which affect the present.

    Making a choice and not making a choice,tantamounts to a decision making process both ways.Besides every rational individual would opt for maximum care while making a choice (optimization between functioning of heart and functioning of head).

    The prime inquest which arises here is when it comes to matters of heart, love....doesn't it just happen? u dont choose u simply flow.....

  2. Dear Reader, whoever you are.

    I think you haven't understood the complete meaning of what I have written. Well, its not the first time I have got a hasty reader. I believe you are one of the people who choose to see the truth as you want to see it, and not what is actually there...So, in a way, my comments could be taken by you wrongly and you may get decicive about me and defensive about yourself.

    To start with (simple meaning of words) Choice in a given situation is always in our hands - it can be anything. Free will is the medium through which one makes a choice.

    As far as destiny is concerned, it is figurative and defined as per belief and value systems of individuals. Some may believe that it is not in our hands, and some may not. But those that are selfless, more believe that destiny is something which they can define. I cannot explain this in detail, but maybe someday in some other post.

    1. I think you have not understood the first sentence well. When I speak about a means of looking into the future, it already speaks of various means (astrology, parents wisdom, past experiences, experiences of people, articles in newspapers... whatever else).

    2. 'tantamounts to a decision making process "both ways"??? I am talking about a single individual making a decision. I am unsure of what u mean by both ways.
    Because I have encountered many people who take one way decisions and create a lot of chaos which they are unaware of, mostly in other people's lives. Each person can hurt oneself, but no one has the right to hurt another because of a one sided decision.
    Hence sometimes, suicide is unjustifiable, because there are many people who depend on you, emotionally and maybe for other reasons.

    3. What I wrote actually encapsulates your statement "Isn't it a sum total of several present factors and some past factors and situations which affect the present." Please re-read both para's.

    4. "Besides every rational individual would opt for maximum care while making a choice (optimization between functioning of heart and functioning of head)." --- This is exactly what most mortals would think. And the 'maximum care' what you refer to is again a selfish care which people have only for themselves. No one has the right to hurt another while taking 'maximum care' for oneself and none for any other person... be it a stranger, or anyone they 'think' they love.

    You must read my post Heart vs Mind as well. It is after dependent on what is important to you.

    I agree to your last point... you simply flow when it comes to love.
    But you know dear reader, sadly, there are people who simply flow, and then by some so called 'reasonable judgement', choose to take 'maximum care', and leave the other heartbroken. The other person who also flowed, is left with all good dying and decaying inside... with no choice other than to live a life only by surviving, becoming a monster... or worse, kill oneself.

  3. If u meant by 'tantamounts to a decision making process "both ways" - that people should take decisions keeping in mind the opposite persons (the other person in that relationship), then I am with you on that. Apologies if I misread you.