Thursday, March 18, 2010

Too proud to beg...

Pleasant are some journeys; painful are some
Why haven’t I yet understood, why do I become so numb
Grotesque they are, some of the destinations,
From a pleasant cloud cover, why are there sudden uncanny formations?

The lore of love is not the same as sought before,
Still the heart wants to into happiness soar
Expectations touch the sky and then fall with a thud
Despite from it I bleed, hope is all that within me floods

Battles in life are many, and they are unending,
But despite all of that, it is love that I am forever sending
Many a times I weep from this heart missing you,
From a feeling which I want to spin false, but is always true

Constrained by my own mind, and sometimes yours,
Yet as always, joy from many a sweet memory pours
But then once again, when I sometimes look around me,
I do not have you, and I feel strangled by your absence’s tree

I shall always love you this way, no matter what,
Let there be floods, or situations dry as in a drought
Though I hate somethings and I am too proud to beg, and a little virtuous to steal
But from this wound without a tourniquet, I do not seem to heal

All I can now wish that we can be together once again,
Be together, let there be storm, sunlight or even a little rain
Salvation which now I seek is only the precipitation of your love
Because there are many other things that matter, and there also exists a vow

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