Thursday, March 25, 2010

Futile Anger

Whenever there is a reaction based on someone else’s wrong – unnecessary anger can be wrong – despite it is a result of a chain reaction or you are mentally disturbed. Even I am not an exception to this – and whenever I have lost my cool and said or done things which are unreasonable, I am wrong in doing that (that being my flaw – which I have to work on). The most bitter experiences teach you about the most important facets as to how one should live his/her life (only if one is willing to learn – by the principle of Temet Nosce), and I always choose to look inside myself as well. And that makes me a better judge of what is wrong or right inside another person.

Anger is not the quality which makes great men – who want to achieve something significant if life. I shall shed off this habit. And as far as the ones who are wrong – they will meet their own fate. After all – you cannot help a person who doesn’t wish to learn about his/her faults – or is not virtuous, has hurt you badly. Such a person eventually self destructs, and you can’t save them even if you want to – even if you love them. I choose to not self destruct - and at least listen and gauge my own flaws - and rectify them.

A person – even though right – should control his anger – for it can lead him/her nowhere, despite you know the other person is wrong. Yes, because of injustice, oppression, unreasonableness - facing hurt of betrayal, one does get angry, but the person who is wrong will never understand it – or may not have the strength to face his/her own faults. I am glad I realise my own flaws myself and also listen to my loved ones when they point out there is some quality in me which requires working on.

Sometimes, despite you’re fearless, you have to let go fighting for something – even for proving something like commitment. That is because if you choose to fight for it, you fear that another loved one may suffer or have to go through an agony.

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  1. early in the morning i read this and suddenly come to a realisation into so many of my weaknesses and flaws. i have not met anyone who can face his own faults, except you. it truly takes a lot of guts. Marcus, you have them and i trust that changes everything. im not a fortune teller, but when we became friends, i could gauge that ur made for bigger things than normal people. ur thinking is so different and profound, and there is so much to learn from ur sea of psychologocal knowledge. be there to guide us marcus.and all the best