Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Matching the Relentless Prowess

He was dreaming a dream which wasn’t meant to be,
Which time had itself forgot,
Through all the skies he chose to see,
A future which seemed presently obscure somewhat
Too much water had flown above his mind,
Slowly the understanding of the inevitable,
Reasons of the earth sometimes seemed to blind
The judgment of the heart, usually kept very subtle
But rising was within his soul, and his desires were afire
The gods wouldn’t dare to intervene thoughts which were to admire
Benevolent though his thoughts were only to his loved ones
If everyone had his mind, the existence of the gods could burn
Always the rightful being is wreathed by the garland of death,
But above the will of the gods and the devil, was his wills breath
And an idea he was, and soon he died without any destiny fulfilling,
But the soul found another intermediary, human, hard was the killing
Years were the milestones of comprehending morality, and right and wrong
His battles began again, smiling; he just waited for the sound of the gong
Keeping the idea alive, he kept dying a thousand mortal demises,
But with each birth his will grew stronger, stronger now than the gods,
The consciousness questioned why such persistence always arises,
The heart said, I am only matching the relentless prowess of the gods, against all odds

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