Monday, March 29, 2010

Rainfall of bliss

Life wasn’t happy, but nothing to cry,
Looking at you, always made me wonder why
Why are my skies filled with a million fireflies?
And my day starts with your thought, not with the sunrise

Never did I think you also felt the same,
Silent, shy, you never call out my name
Since I now feel I know, only you forever I want to kiss,
My life has been showered with the rainfall of bliss

Your face lights up my eyes with calm fireworks
And your smile gives my sanity a sugary shirk
When you’re near, I think I still miss you
Days went by, clueless, but my love grew,

Travelling, as I see the fountains and the fields,
I can see us walking through them together,
Our love from the worlds harm I want to shield
Take care of you, yield our adore in every weather

What I now want to fulfill is in your hands not mine,
I am ready to take on anything for something so divine,
Alone with you I am always in my dreams,
When I wake up, I miss you to the extremes

Questions in my mind are now plenty,
Will your love flow like mine in a bounty?
But somehow I know you are receiving my love,
Which I am sending to you, heaven’s know that above

I only await your answer, a little to lose you I am scared
But even if you surpass by my love, uninformed, undeclared,
I still will know, my love is true and you forever I wanted to kiss,
And yet my life would always be showered, with the rainfall of bliss

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