Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hearts of Clay

A knife in my heart, twisted and turned
Why would you not be there, you left me while I burned,
All chemistry now seems only acid
All feelings of you, far from being placid

How could you leave me while in you I had trust?
You let all bridges between us fall or rust
Crude, hurt and once again I am now lifeless
With all dreams crushed, there is nothing to do but digress

Deserting myself from this crowd,
Silently, I scream your name out loud,
Enjoying my time in my prison, locked away
Better than loving hearts made of clay

No sticks or clubs broke my bones
Neither did the spears rip my heart apart
Yet it was your words that felt like stones
And your virtues hit me like a million darts

With this mixed sea of emotions flowing within me,
Sometimes I love you, sometimes I hate thee
Dizzy from the very consciousness I used to crave
To the feeling of the grave, I am now a slave

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