Saturday, March 27, 2010

This day, last month

Someone just spoke to me now, and this day last month, someone had exchanged 19 sms's, most of which were about committing to stay together, especially some words in the 'hindi' language which were beautiful. Strange how something can change so soon, and in a months time a scenario can change so much, that the person who sent the 19 sms, doesn't even communicate a word (forget about meaning whatever was sent in those sms's). Whatever may have happened, may have happened for a reason (and a series of events). Well, I always think (and I can't help to repeat this enough, even to myself) that everything deserves working out - without counting on which end the faults lied. But the other backing out of a commitment can make anyone lose his/her sanity temporarily and results in reaction. If only people could understand.

Why are words just words for the world? Well, I certainly know for me they are not.

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