Tuesday, March 2, 2010

More on Love...from Theseus... and me

I know despite I am angered, you tried to explain to me your thoughts and your rationale for what you think true love is from your side. Inspite of being encountered by so many mortal’s definition about love, I stand here and try to understand it’s true meaning, through you. I am listening to you, despite you’re disturbed – and it ache’s me to see you so - as you try and tell me what really matters to you.

The past, our bad experiences and ongoing inconsistencies and feeble mindedness do change mortal’s definitions sometimes. But what conclusion I come to when I decipher what love is about, it is something like truth. It does not have many definitions and is concrete. Truth either exists or doesn’t, and mortals or a million lies cannot change what it is. Love is somewhat of the same nature. It is constant. It can be misinterpreted, mistaken, satisfactorily defined according to a convenient definition; but can never be altered of it’s true meaning. Alteration of the true meaning of anything happens because mortals cannot accept the truth the way it is. They see things not the way they are, but because they want to conveniently see it in a particular way. The reasons for altering this state of things within the mind may be manyfold. Some may alter the definition to suit their own personality, some for selfishness, some to run away from guilt and well, there are so many reasons that it is best left to imagination or as infinite as the universe itself may be. In short, you either are in love, or aren’t. No mid convenient way can be chalked out, except to fool oneself.

What is love as per what I think? I think love is magical, intricate, complicated, inspiring, intuitional, blissful, incalculable, delightful and many more things which are positive.

Love is tolerant. It does not resent, it does not brag, it is not pompous. It is not rude, it is not selfish, and it is not easily angered. Love does not pleasure in malevolence but cheers with the genuineness of altruistic emotions. It always looks after, always persists until the highest possible level. It changes what may be the most important for you. It compromises, it sacrifices – all from within the heart, forever.

Hanging on a thin thread of hope, if you are left disappointed, I shall come to your rescue Theseus. I am not as tolerant as you are, and cannot take it when things are unfair. Then, it will not be about revenge, but about punishment. Good deeds deserve to be rewarded, and bad deeds deserve punishment, always two fold. I hope I do not have to "invest" my energies for this and wake up, as you make right now make me dormant within you. I understand you Theseus, but somethings, I cannot and fail to.

Rage being the medium of my expression as the destroyer of what is wrong, many a time’s people follow most of the definitions which are convenient and leave out the rest. Why? What happens? You know what happens; the enemies attack. Yes, love does not get easily angered. Nothing about giving and receiving in love can be quantified, but as the fuel of emotion cannot travel far if one way, so can’t the fuel of deeds. Deeds have to be reciprocated, and sometimes, love itself teaches mortals to kill their enemies. Enemies like double-standards, feeble mindedness, selfishness, not trying to understand, unrealistic expectations - without fulfilling their part earnestly, hypocrisy, blaming… the list is endless. Why? Because one or both in a relationship do not follow the “we” attitude.

This two letter word if etched into the soul permanently of both lovers will never create any issues whatsoever. And if you really think about it, it is not very difficult. If one is willing to shed all past reticence and keeps all enemies at bay, getting the “we” attitude is automatically there.

Most of all, love does not consist in binding and possessing the one you love, but in letting them free – for their happiness. True love always will always want the one they love to be happy – even if it means the one you love would be happy without you. Beautiful feeling. Simply beautiful. A feeling which only a non-mortal can feel. Rare, but not dead. Theseus, I think you have elevated yourself to the next level of mortality. Hope you are treated fairly and justly. Godspeed.

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  1. totally agree with this. beautiful. crisp and all r the facts.