Monday, March 29, 2010

Pathways of Ice and Fire

Sometimes, just sometimes, we attract through our wishful thoughts,
The land of integrity appear plenty to run, and roads appear as we chose to wrought
Then when we choose to walk with someone or something very close,
Acid rainwater befalls clean and as it starts to snow, so do disappear all woes
Walking hand in hand you can see the future – maybe a bit hazy but bright,
Fears and uncertainty vanish and all that continues living is delight
The cipher of life is defined by love, and till the end we want it to fulfill itself,
Someone – something to hold onto, and everything to pride the self

But life has a habit of being like the moon, at times shining and soothing, on occasion it eclipsed
The roads once roved, retrospectively turn in a horizon of thin ice, and you’re anguished,
Once chosen to tread further, the ice cracks open and down you set off,
Whirling in those freezing waters you might drown, freeze and at life you will scoff,
Choosing to stay in those frozen waters, you might survive; your heart freezes, all your virtuous sentiments becoming extinct,
Bitterness creeps within, logic prevails, the heart dies and to not live its life becomes succinct,
You institute to look at years differently, practically, and all the love and passion within you perishes,
But if you vary by vigor, ignorant about facts, your soul all alone, is full of blemishes

The path can also turn hard, rough and days breathing full of fire,
Your soul and heart can choose to burn, but instead, freezing your compassion may seem dire,
Smoldering in fire is torment; the truthful soul always identifies this ‘human’ pain well,
Times with fire are those, in which everything pleasant is missed and time gives the impression of hell,
But barefoot treading on those roads, burning, churning in thoughts of a demise,
Days and nights do not pass, but remember; fire always comes with a guise
Times with fire teach one to be empathetic, sober, genuine and not a heartless wall,
Thoughts become conscious, pure, the soul learns to endure, and overlook what is small
Feeling each emotion torching within completely, leads to a redemption
Comprehending life and its trails, to get up and to take the stand becomes a mission
Despite facing hurt and sometimes what is false, true to yourself and others you remain, splendor entirely,
You learn virtues and belief’s are bulletproof, even from enemies to learn affectionately,
Through burning the soul purifies and the meaning of true love is eventually found,
The strength arrives to never escape any trials and commitments, but to be with majesty crowned.

Though there are different responses for being hit by the unpredictability of existence, not all are ones to admire,
My belief shall always remain that mostly one should favour fire,
For the element of fire destructs, ashes are left of what should burn, faded is false attire,
What stays is something to yearn for, which is in significance much higher.

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