Friday, April 23, 2010

Another facet of love

I know a person who loves without expecting, knowing the truth that he must depart with the one he loves, for ‘n’ reasons, after some time. He is sending his love, not knowing even whether the one he loves is receiving it. He believes and knows that his love will always be in his heart, and he will not be able to express himself always like he is able to now, again, for 'n' reasons.

Usually I have seen people only love the person who loves them back, or who expect that by loving another, the love will also arise in the other’s heart – someday, being hopeful about it. (I am ruling out the exception of love for the country which a revolutionary has, or a mother’s love for her child here or anything similar – they are truly… hmm… non comparable to anything in this world).

Truly, love does not depend only on institutions like marriage. It is something deeper. People may think marriage is the destination to sanctify love (that’s society’s sad misconception, because of which many a relationships which could flourish beautifully, die immaturely). But I think love does not need any sanctity. It is sacred in any form. Marriage is fine, and I really hope that all people who fall in love finally reach this destination and fulfill it until death. But love doesn’t always need to expect and can also rise in one’s heart and mind, no matter what is the outcome, or however dark or bright things appear on the outside.

Would love to write more on this... perhaps another day. For now, I am just moved by a volcano of amour - and its raining...

And yeah. Two words for Sigmund Freud and Carl Gustav Jung – analyze this...

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