Tuesday, April 6, 2010

It continues to grow

I wake each morning, and my heart is empty,
I am tied by a promise of not meeting you,
But in this bright and crowded city,
All I miss is us, all I miss is you.
I miss your look when I gave you that candy floss kiss,
That day we were alone, which you called ‘bliss’
I miss you on those roads I tread,
When I used to embrace you with my arms spread
I miss you shying away when we used to kiss,
Each day about us I just nowadays reminisce,
Whenever I gaze at that bottle of perfume,
I remember your fragrance and my senses bloom
I miss you in so many ways which are too much to say,
My tears from your absence I can no more weigh,
I wish I could wind back time and make you mine,
In our love’s sun, we could again shine
Remember you told me that me you would not let go,
But yet, in this desert my love continues to grow
I fail to understand why things are like this
I just wanted to tell you that it’s you that I really miss

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