Thursday, April 15, 2010

More thoughts

Love is all as complex as mathematics; but solvable, only if we resolve one equation at a time.

Reciprocal love is mighty. Love which doesn’t depend on reciprocation is mightier.
Never betray anyone in love because of your indecisiveness, selfishness, fear, or for a reason only which you find justifiable. For the mind of the betrayed may forgive, but the cries of the heart are sent in the universe and its equality disembarks at the most apt hour, and incapable of redemption even with time.
Time may mend a wound inflicted with reason; but guilty conscience is a sly seraph. For mostly, when it attacks its victims at a time which is the most unexpected and volatile. Its wound cannot feel time, hence cannot be mended.

From my experience, most women are most likely to commit to a man who actually just wants to get into their pants, rather than the one who is honorable. A sense of humor is hugely hyped as a criterion for a man. Somehow the masks of men are more appealing and believable to women, and they rarely give time to see what the man is actually made of – what his values and belief are.
Ghastly men do not obviously care about a woman’s mask, they know their own is worse; the honorable ones are simply ignorant of them, because they believe what they see.

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  1. I think I find it hard to describe in the simplest words for how much I actually comply and conform with all your writings and thoughts about many aspects of life but mostly those emotional ones and above all love and gender relationships of today between the meaning of men vs women's way of thinking of love.
    The sentence: "From my experience, most women are most likely to commit to a man who actually just wants to get into their pants, rather than the one who is honorable" hit me right in the center spot of my brain, because I would think the same for the majority of men of today as well. They won't come for the 3rd of 4rth time to meet you unless they really have a fast benefit from you, mostly physical in this sense. Love today has become more of a physical attraction apriori rather than any other way at the very least. I'm surprised that such a person as you or me are still existent, very few to count really, and voice and value these opinions highly; I always feel like I am the only living soul in this world but dreaming the ages of another century of our lifetime, of our golden ages of Jane Austin's classical depiction of love and its unconditional requests of these pop-modern materialisms of today. I was actually looking for this great quote Vi Veri Veniversum Vivus Vici where herein I found your blog. I'm glad I came across your blog and realize that there is someone somewhere in another part of the world who think of love as an ideal, existential and ever-lasting even when the presence of the opposite love subject (male or female) does not exist at the moment, and yet how that pure love can survive just by the thoughts, memories, presence of the soul, senses of that beloved person existing in the heart of the other one, forever. I truly am mesmerized also by the way you describe the negative feelings of envy, jealousy, etc. of majority of people towards others and how we should be blessed by them of being our tutors at our service for good cause. You're truly a great perfectionist in describing all of these in the great art of your deep idealistic and emotional writings and positivism. I applaud you highly for all of this. I find so much myself in all of your writings apart from that alcohol or cigarette part where I think, still we should be strong and try to use other more positive alternatives of channeling the negative energy and frustrations rather than destructive means such are the alcohol or smoking. So, I encourage you on that, but I have no right into that intrusion of course. Keep up with your great art of life stories where I guess I find myself in, and perhaps few others belonging to that little side of the tail of our 'normal' distribution.