Saturday, April 17, 2010


I got on track writing this in view of replying to an email I received from one of my regular readers. She did not understand the true meaning of my poetry “Pathways of Ice and Fire”. Well for starters, I think people don’t read poetry, but poetry reads itself to people. But, since this is also a thought much worth musing over, I thought I should write on this for everyone. So here it is Syrena – please read this and maybe you can identify with what the poetry is somewhat about - and of course give me your views which you of course should know I am much open to receive.

General consensus: People who are sensitive are weak. People who are insensitive are strong.

Both these ideas, in my view, are mostly confused. According to me, Strength and sensitivity are two different elements of the persona. Let me try and explain what I mean. 


Being sensitive is feeling each emotion completely – the way it is conceived by the mind. It is not covering up your feelings with intellectualization, materialism, diverting your mind and/or ‘trying to think practically’. Being sensitive is totally based on emotions. Emotions are totally based on thought patterns – which are developed over a period of years. For example, a terrorist or a murderer may be less or non- sensitive when he sees a person suffer than a person who is a self made man living a respectable life.

Sensitive people are often termed as weak because they express their emotions through actions and/or words. They do not contain their thoughts only within, and the subconscious is also free. The mind is disturbed if emotions do not find a medium to flow; or if they are withheld by design. Being sensitive is passion. Being sensitive is loving. Being sensitive is feeling hurt when you are hurt. Feeling the love at all times. Crying when you are hurt, or missing someone. Being sensitive is also understanding others hurt and in one word to be 'empathetic' towards others pain and suffering; and joy for that matter. Sensitive people do not feel envy. Sensitiveness is developing the quality of doing unto others what you would like to be done to yourself. Sensitivness is not turning bitter; but better.

Being insensitive on the other hand is covering up your true emotions through any means, of which only the subconscious is aware of. The covering up may work for any period of time which is uncertain. But sometimes it may break. That explains the concept of emotional outbursts when people cannot contain their insensitivity towards their own emotions any further by any means.


Strength is the ability to endure pain, the ability of hanging on when times are tough, maintaining a positive attitude, knowing when to contract and expand your expressions, having faith. Strength is smile. Strength is the ability to take the pain for the ones you love. Strength is to not let yourself turn bad, because that is what you have faced or seen. Strength is forgiveness. Strength is the ability to seek to win, though you have lost. Strength is to love even when you are not getting reciprocated. Strength is to admit your faults and the ability to look into your own mirror – and rectifying your flaws. Strength is patience. Strength is the ability to apologize. Strength is to be empathetic. Strength is to not betray. Strength is sacrifice. Strength is commitment. Strength is fighting for what is right. Strength is so many things – which are like a thermostat for your attitude, values and beliefs. Strength is shedding off attitude and ego for the one you love. Strength is providing support and care to the ones who need it, at times when you are actually down and out, need some support and are in your own mess.
People who are sensitive and strong are the people I believe who attain ultimate happiness; the true happiness. People who are insensitive rarely have the capacity to be strong. So in a way being sensitive provides us the ability to be strong; but developing strength is of course a little more thougher than being sensitive.

Now this is something which really bakes my noodle. Most people are sensitive to themselves whilst being insensitive to others. There are also a few who are insensitive to themselves but sensitive to others. The rare kinds are who are sensitive to themselves as well as others; and the ones who are insensitive to themselves and anybody else. I think I can write a book on this paragraph (maybe someday…)

Mortals who are only sensitive to themselves constantly blame others and fail to see what is wrong with them. Such people will not realize that they are insensitive to others, because within them, the element of sensitivity exists; but the truth is – it only exists for them. They have the factor of self preservation so high in them, that they can hurt anyone – sometimes without knowing it. At the same time, they are satisfied that they are ‘balanced’ or ‘practical’.

Most people prefer to not be sensitive, and alter their emotions; because being sensitive is also painful. But then, they miss on the higher meaning of life – love, clear thinking - and ecstasy due to these. They may also end up hurting others (and sometimes may not even realize this) and make themselves victims of vengeance – or worse, bitter self hate and realization.

The people who are strong and sensitive have a balance of not only understanding themselves and others, but also the ability to see things the way they are – finding the best possible solutions. They are in control of their ‘hearts’ and their ‘minds’ and know when to listen to them. They can think with a 360 degree view and make the best decisions. They have foresight and vision. They are the ones I believe who actually ‘live a life’.

Be sensitive and be strong. I think that’s a good way to go. Good way to live, as well as a good way to die.


  1. One more aspect which can be considered here is being indifferent to sensitivity. Many are good at words, but lag far behind in implementation. Maybe that is the reason we had only one "Mother Teresa".

    Charity begins at home- Had people been sensitive and empathetic, they would not have consumed non-veg, just to satisfy their taste buds. Isn't this very selfish??. Killing animals for the sake of their selfishness...

    Besides selfishness cannot be defined as doing what one wants/likes to do, but what he/she wants others to do for the sake of his needs and wants.

    How about some action..

  2. Also one more request -In your reactions section kindly add one more box disagree/agree if possible :)

  3. Now I understand the poem as well. remarkable definitions marcus... i want more of them. The world is vague and everyone defines in its own way, and so do you, but I find this totally clear, the way it should be. however, u may have left out one aspect (i know u can write a book on this one). ppl being sensitive and insensitive in spurts as per what suits them. i mean something like a 'flip-flopping rabbit'? brilliant writing... as usual, hungry for more.


  4. Flattered... I get amazed as to what all you can write and explain, besides ur classy poetry and edging stories.. stop writing the blog for somedays and finish the novel.. awaiting it for a long time....

    ur number 1 fan (yet)