Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cries of the Heart

Reflections in your mirrors are brighter than ones in my lake;
Mirrors of yours are far from profundity;
Your belief that you contain your conscience, is only yours to take
How cold can thou be, is all my present admirability
Secrets, lies and forged promises have been in my pursuit ever since I loved,
Strangling the good soul is the attempt; almost in vain, and gloved,
The scars of your vacillation are now my secret scepter;
Enjoy your rashness while it lasts; the future of thou conscience-in-sin you cannot alter
When the heart cries and the thought that bleeds from your treachery,
Justice prevails; nor God, nor fate, nor luck will ever maneuver
Harsh lesions inflicted and opened unendingly; and lessons dawned of repentance
Stung by broken arrows drawn from my heart, understanding commitment’s caliber
Invisible agonizing blood shall be bled of which I wish no cognizance,
Even in this view of events, while you treaded me down in these dungeons,
Entreaty is to my ghost of righteousness; and to my devil of vengeance;
That they do not crash the last door of my fortitude and exoneration
I suffer to not be blessed with your insignificant and irrational contemplation of truth;
I wish that you go through this voyage; unnoticed; with impunity
As evidenced, many mortals dodge their chastisement in tribunals, for crimes in devil’s unity;
But never seen anyone surpass the justice made; appealed only by the cries of the heart.

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