Saturday, April 24, 2010

Till death and across

He kisses her on the cheek and she returns it; a lifesaver,
Her love was all he has which mattered, bliss was the flavor
On nights when he keeps writing, and looking at her asleep;
As he is close to her, feels her breathe, his heart always rejoices and skips a beat
He buys for her lavender colored dresses, and always adjusts her tresses;
When she speaks, he looks at her, and his fate he always blesses
When he sits close to her, she looks deep in his eyes, and says while shying,
“I am yours for all moments,” and then he kisses her lips, dying on them and resurrecting
She walks with him but clumsily and always trips while walking once or twice,
He lovably screams at her, “Take care of yourself. Can’t you follow any advice?”
She smiles, which makes him calm – holds his hand, the wide road they cross,
He just looks at her and he knows, they are together till death and more across
When alone, his phone rings; but when he hears no one to him is speaking
He is now aware that each day, all of this, he is only imagining or dreaming

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