Friday, April 30, 2010

A Grander Strife

When life surpassed I didn’t know what to see,
When I was sane, I chose who to be
Now I believe my prized stillness is restored,
In this vacant and blissful state, I only imagined and adored
Whatever the end, I do not yet know,
I am in nothingness, and the love within grows
Where dearth doesn’t matter and unfailing she touches my heart,
My soul detached from me, it will never let her depart
Waking and dying on myself my core is still,
Countless formed aspirations as my consciousness kills
The affection is outlandish, unfelt and felt
The journey feels extended, and years are to be dealt
From future and mysteries told and untold,
My destiny is what I try and now unfold
Towards a greater cause and a grander strife,
I know this is what will be my life
Yet sacrifice it is not to me, truth is to accumulate
And my soul will always this joy celebrate

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