Saturday, April 10, 2010

An attempt to write a humorous love poem

Dear Unvarying Reader,

Since the time my Dear Reader has been inspiring me to change my writing style, I thought I should try a humour-love poem. And I have used simple words (You cannot imagine how difficult this is for me). I admit I may have sucked at this one, but well, its my first time. (Ahem, a little nervous here). So, here it goes -

Dear Reader - I didn't name the poem and I want you to suggest a name. Waiting perpetually -

I tripped walking on my way today and almost hit a car,
And the man who was driving said, “Are you blind, boy?”
I laughed, what would I say, I was walking thinking of my star,
I would may been hit, but I would still be in joy
My star is no one but you, and I can’t take you of my mind,
My soul now with you has been entwined,
I reached home and started cooking, again you in my every thought,
My kitchen almost caught fire; to turn off the flame I entirely forgot
As I went to gather water to extinguish the flame in a rush,
I slipped on an oil slick floor, as I thought of our kiss, and couldn’t help but blush
I put out the flame in the kitchen, but I was all smiles,
Even if you can’t walk the aisle with me, you will be in my heart all the miles,
I don’t want anything from you except for you to be happy,
Your thoughts are enough for me, to keep me hip and zappy;
I think of all that I could do for you, if you and I were together
I would take care of you all the time, as I find you delicate as a feather
I would pick you up in my arms, and take you around the house like a child,
I would wear my hair, specs and clothes, any way you styled,
I would treat you with the best of candy floss, and along with a kiss,
I would love you so much, nothing would you ever miss,
I would never get tired of writing for you, many a love sonnets,
I would buy you the best of the bracelets and anklets; would quit cigarettes :)
Here are only some of the things, in words so few
Though you have no clue, I am the grass and you are my dew,
Though we can’t be together; I shall always be in my own planet, a world of you
Thinking about the endless things I wish I could do for you

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