Wednesday, April 7, 2010

The Shrinking Mirror

We all must carry a mirror for the purpose of facing our faults and wrongs – and having the mettle to face them. If we carry this mirror (at all times and not convenient ones) and face our wrongs - each time we correct ourselves - the mirror gets smaller. I agree it is not simple and your loved ones will always be biased about how "good" or "just" you are. But yet, face your faults. Be your best critic. It’s the truth. Eventually you will be free from attitude, ego, wrong self-praise and all the enemies of the virtuous soul which make one nothing but a creature of materialism and an effigy of selfishness. You will learn that self respect and individualism (and many other facets about truly being a good human) are not to be mistaken for your ego. And viola - sometime in your life, the mirror will vanish. That should be the goal. It’s difficult - but not impossible. The principle of Temet Nosce is to be followed. (I have discussed this in an earlier post - and cannot seem to stop thinking about it - not until my mirror vanishes at least)

What I truly believe is - you cannot be a fair judge of anyone's right and wrong and do not have the right to judge them, unless your mirror vanishes. Because the vision is then clear and free from any kind of bias. You start noticing everything merely as a witness.

People who fail to face the mirror (or face it only when convenient) - or are in their own world of rights and wrongs (and who claim all moral wrongs are also subjective and depend from "person-to-person" - so fucking cliché) - eventually face a mirror and which shows them their true face and their doppelganger will laugh at them with evil sarcasm. At that time it is too late, and a person can see what a monster he/she has become. Ignorance, blaming another and getting away with it, self satisfying thoughts, trying to use worldly means to take your mind off the truth and shying away from it just doesn't work anymore. Guilt, regret and the lessons of the yesteryears (which were coming to them naturally - but ignored) never leave them. They would wish they would wind the time back and change everything to save their misery which will only die when their conscious perishes - but then again, it is too late.

Well there are people who die in ignorance of their faults and betrayals, and for them I just feel they are lucky (but not fortunate – which takes us on the topic of karma, etc. but maybe some other time). But what if you're not one of them? Think.

So carry the mirror now - before it’s too late. I do carry one myself, and I am glad that I can see it getting smaller. Why? It's because I choose to. And this journey gets me closer to the truth - the depths of the persona what I am, and what I want to become.

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