Monday, April 19, 2010

Pearls of our Amour

The stars seem far away
But mine is even more further afar
as I look in the skies night and day
I sing to you, can you hear as I play the guitar?
I wish my room walls could talk,
If they could, they would tell you
Now silence they only stalk
They miss me talking all nights to you
The candy color I see in the morning skies,
I see our footsteps on the beach
I will write a love story that never dies,
I can, for in my heart, you’re not far to reach
I will miss you in the winters
And I will miss you in the rains
Choosing to find so many answers,
I choose to only cherish us, forget the pains
I wouldn’t ask for anything more now
I don’t want to wipe these tears,
The tears are only pearls of our amour, and I know
I am closer to you than it appears

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