Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Price

There is a price to pay for everything – just as one pays for any luxuries or materiality. The question is not what price; that no one can determine initially, but whether there exists a commitment to pay the price – no matter what it may be.

A commitment cannot be altered to suit ones whims – going off and on to what is suitable to oneself. A commitment should be a commitment to do what is required, no matter what. It is not selfish, does not hurt anyone and does conquer fear. It gives time, is patient and is willing to work out small details. It does not account past failures or frustrations. Moreover, it never justifies the unjustifiable. And what is unjustifiable is never subjective and never depends on a viewpoint. Though clichéd – but true – when you want a diamond, you have to go through a load of crap. When you wish to soar the skies, you have to get rid of your vertigo. If you wish to conquer the peak of a mountain, you have to let go of all your fears and be willing to take the pain in your heels and bear the cold.

Anyone who wants everything good (in love, life, profession or a hobby) without paying the price for it, in my view, is a bandit. The one who backs off from a commitment, when the price seems high – or something which is not in the capacity of the purported payer, is a flip-flopping rabbit. This rule is universal – and no one is – and can make himself/herself an exception to it.
It is strange how many people cannot understand how to take it when life throws something good at them and just reject them. And all this is because all it would take is understanding, a little working on, a little time and persistence. People don’t have the patience, virtues or the will to stand at all odds. It seems to me that people don’t just appreciate beautiful journeys like love (until it only satisfies their selfish needs, attitude, ego, etc), and take it all for granted.

Love is a good example for this. Because love depends on two people’s interaction with each other’s persona’s. Attitude, ego, self-respect and individualism are all good things and are to be controlled and worn on to the persona as ornaments, and not objects of destruction. The problem is, people who bring in these dim-witted feelings in between love, and break a commitment, do not only hurt themselves (and sometimes – don’t hurt themselves at all), but hurt the one they claimed they love (at one point of time) as well. They may or may not realize that how the opposite person may take this kind of behavioral pattern, and whether the person will ever be able to deal with this hurt. The person who has broken a commitment will never understand what virtues are unless they receive the same treatment. That’s so damn easy right – to learn from things when they boomerang right back in your life – when your life becomes hellish because of a broken commitment.

I have come across people who in a relationship promise the skies, but when they find it difficult or are done with their "trial-and-error" mode, deny the very existence of such a promise or commitment; and break it, and the person who has the face the consequences of this indecisiveness. They play the stupid blame game and infact injure the person who is actually willing to stand against all odds.

These people will never realize that they are the ones who are the contributors in making the world a worse place to live in. Creating bitterness, instability, insecurity with every word, action or feeling which is against any positiveness – and they live in a state of flux, ignorance and falsely created happiness (which crops from materialism or intellectualization). How fucking hypocritical and boring…

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