Friday, April 23, 2010

Volcano of Adore

Unexplainable was the torsion, which led to the demise of my wishes
My soul nonetheless remains with yours in fusion
it loves more with absence’s blemishes

Sweet ruthlessness is in such a feeble feeling;
should I break the dam of this restriction?
My sentiments are just inside me overflowing
Burning within me are some sweet contradictions

I just hope I don’t let this volcano of adore on you erupt
Unawares since I want you to be, of what each moment I undergo
Holding onto my flooded amour, its natural flow will disrupt
Sanity is something the mind rejects and my thinking is slow.

The volcano has different effects where the magma flows;
when poured on land it destroys, but in sea it creates new
What is this engaging compel I am yet to understand;
my eyes on the sky despite feet in fate’s quicksand
The twine to pull me to my defined tomorrow will drop someday,
and then only glory will have its say; and will be grand

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