Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Farthest from the Dawn

Tomorrow’s rainbow which you showed me; always gave me the hope to win,
When I thought of true love, I wonder why it turned into a sin
Aimlessly I keep walking on these pointed stones of your dearth,
My sanity evades my consciousness, now your arrival can be the only reason of my mirth,
The constant streams from the eyes hum faithful unending songs,
The body is fragile - the persistent soul for its equal excruciatingly longs
I wish to drown in the pool of the dark rivers of a mortal's heart,
The mind and the heart come to blows; the psyche says, you I should allow to from within me depart,
The skies change color and so do the dry and withered leaves,
The mind refuses to disregard and the soul still your presence believes
Chary I am of myself, and I persuade my core to justify that you are gone
But as I try harder, I always fall in the hour which is the darkest and farthest from the dawn,
Music is noise; I miss the melody of your voice and my ears now bleed,
A rainless dark cloud follows me everywhere, all the green grass is now weed
Time is now my predator hunting to devour me alive,
I wish to satisfy it – so this suffering ends – but it only chases;
what left is me, to myself contrive

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